Questions & Answers
Some Simple questions and some simple answers

Are these water proof?

All the humidifiers are sealed with a sealant that is designed for porous materials. 

Do they really fit between the rungs?

The unique shape of the humidifier allows it to fit fabulously between the radiator rungs.

How do they work?

Upon turning on your radiator, the warm/hot water travels up into the radiator and the radiator gets hot.  As the radiator warms up, it heats the humidifier (which is strategically placed between the radiator rungs) and in turn heats and evaporates the water contained within.  Ultimately, this process creates moisture in the air.  

Are they safe for children?

Hey, kids will be kids, and therefore it is strongly recommended that children not handle these humidifiers as they can be warm to the touch when placed on a heat source (e.g., radiator, etc.)  In most cases, the water does not get hot enough to burn anyone, but they are not toys, and Tullula's Treasures does not accept any responsibility implied or expressed. 

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship international orders!  When inquiring about international shipping rates please email us your complete address. As each country is different when it comes to shipping rates, we need your complete address to give you the proper cost of shipping and insurance, if requested.

How much water do they hold?

Each old style humidifier holds about 2 cups of water.

How many should I have on one radiator?

In our research we've found a Doctor that recommends up to two (2) per radiator to maintain the correct amount of humidity, depending on the size of room and/or radiator.

Can this be sent as a gift?

We will gladly wrap your gift order in tissue paper.  The shipping documents will contain no cost information of any kind, and there is no extra charge for this service.  Also, we would include a little note: 

 This was purchased by                           for you.  Enjoy Tullula's Treasures!

Just please let us know when placing your order.

What is the moisture ratio in winter air?

The moisture in the air is 15% during winter months from the Midwest to the East Coast.  The moisture ratio in the Saharra Desert is an AMAZING 35%.  So the air here is much much dryer than in the desert.  So any type of humidifier that is used is better than none.  Data was obtained from the weather channel.

Okay, so now how do I hang it????

When you receive your humidifier(s) and are ready to hang them you need to first hook the BIG hook on the radiator.  Then with the humidifier in hand attach the small hook to the back of the humidifier and help the humidifier fit and hang properly between the radiator rungs. 

What about a volume discount?

Minimum Order: twenty (20) humidifiers and receive 5% off your total order.  Enter discount code: Bulk20 at checkout to receive the 5%  discount.

Will they fit on the oil filled electric radiators?

These humidifiers will fit just fine on the electric radiators that are purchased at your local hardware and department store (i.e., Target, ACE Hardware, etc.)  They will hang on them just like the old radiators between the rungs/fins.  However, the only difference is the top of the hook/hanger has to be made a little wider.  Therefore, please note that you will be hanging the humidifier on a electric/oil filled heater in order comments section at checkout and we will include the appropriate hanger. 

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