Terry Carillo found this style of humidifier years ago while traveling in Europe.  Once back in the United States she did research looking for some as she bought a 100 yr old house with radiators.  Much to her dismay she could not find any in the States and the only ones available were in England.  At that time they did not ship to the America and would very expensive if they had been available.  Also the shape was not the same as the radiators in Europe had changed creating a new market.  So after a few years of looking and could only find the metal ones that one would stick into the end of the radiator and not very attractive, she decided to make her own.  A few friends saw them and wanted to buy some for their homes, so she created Tullula's Treasures.  

The radiators that are used in my pictures are the ones that are in her house.  The gold/bronze radiator is one of three that she has refinished.  During her research she learned that the original finish was in fact copper/bronze and/or silver.  Terry stripped and painted the radiators returning them to their original finish.  They are now more heat effective and a pleasure to look at.  

We hope you found this of interest as we enjoy making them.  With Terry Carillo's input, we are always finding new designs, so please check back often.  Until then thank you for your time and interest.

 We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, which has resulted in a significant number of repeat customers over the years. You will find that your complete transaction with Tullula's is simple and a pleasant purchase.   We do our best to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers!  

"Adding Moisture One Humidifier at a Time"

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