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Antique Style Cast Iron Radiator Humidifiers & Aromatic Diffusers

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All you do is hang them on your radiator/register, fill them with water and if you like, add some potpourri or scented oils.  The unique shape of the humidifiers and diffusers allow them to fit fabulously between the radiator rungs for effective transfer of heat. Upon doing my research on humidifiers, I found that a Doctor recommended two on each radiator/register to add the proper amount of moisture to a room.  I don't know if that is true or not-- just what I found.  In addition to adding moisture to the air, they are also decorative and can be used year round.  In the SPRING, SUMMER and FALL just add water and fresh flowers.  In the WINTER just add water. 




The special clay mixture, handling and glazing process used in the making of these quality humidifiers and diffusers will occasionally produce a unit with slight imperfections.  This is not a defect but rather a hallmark of being handmade.  After years of use there may appear very slight feather lines in the glaze (finish), rest assured that this in no way effects the effectiveness of the humidifier.  And are very hard to see if at all.  In order to view the different glazes please click on the corresponding ICON ON THE LEFT OF THE SCREEN.

Our line of humidifiers and diffusers offer appealing and contemporary style and colors.They are also a great decoration for your home. As stated above they make great looking vases while hanging on your radiator, TRY IT YOU MIGHT LIKE IT !!!! 



 Andrew Barmore & Terry Carrillo

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